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Getting back to basics

Tomorrow night I will be running a very special adventure for our group (at least starting it, as it will take a few sessions to finish). With the temporary loss of one of our main players, we decided to suspend our Kingmaker AP and have some different games to fill in until his return (sorta… via internet).

I am going to be running a BD&D module. The very first TSR module I ever played when I was a kid. B2: The Keep on the Borderlands. I remember playing it at my friend Rick’s house. Bill was our DM and I was playing a fighter. I think Rick was a magic-user. I know there were some other kids there, but I can’t recall their names. I do remember that Bill got parts of the module mixed up and the encounters we had in the Keep were supposed to be out in the caves.

Little did I know that this was going to open the door to a life-long hobby. My parents had bought me a D&D boxed set for my birthday and I loved making characters and designing maps and dungeons on graph paper. But this was my first real game with friends. Decades later and I’m still playing, making maps, making memories. I mostly DM at this point (although Erik will run a game occasionally to let me play), but I really do enjoy doing it.

My brother-in-law-in-law is going to teach/run us through a 5th edition game in the next few weeks. The game has evolved so much over the decades, but I love all the editions (even 4th) and all of the other RPGs I have played through the years. D&D (8 editions), Pathfinder, Mage/Werewolf/Vampire/Hunter/etc, All Flesh Must be Eaten, Starwars, Stargate, Lord of the Rings, and the list goes on.

I can’t wait for tomorrow night. I want to introduce them to what got me started. Time to read it through one more time.

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