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It’s been a while

It’s been quite some time since I (or anyone) has posted anything here.

TFQ is still going. We had a period of little to no gaming, but we are back at it.

We recently included some new players and have been working through some Pathfinder adventures. Adam and Rocco, and my coworker Matt have joined us. Right now I am about half way running them through the classic RPGA adventure “A Night at Sharky’s Bar & Grill”.

My friend Troy has been playing Dungeon Crawl Classics for a while. The more I have read about it, the more I want to play it. After talking with him about it, I got some free material and ordered the Quick Start Guide and Intro Adventures. Totally worth the $5 if you want to try out the system. There are also some free adventures from Free RPGA Day available on their site. Based on D20 system, it really gives you an ‘old school’ feel to gaming. You have to roll up your characters. 3d6. That’s it. No point buy. No 4d6 and dropping the lowest. Just straight rolls for ability. In order. You start off with a 0 level character who doesn’t have a class and if you’re lucky 4 hit points (+Con bonus). Each player starts with 3-4 characters, because they are going to die. It is a good system to knock down those power gamer & min-maxers. You just can’t do it (without cheating). I am really looking forward to running a few sessions of this soon.

On a side note; you do need some funky dice that aren’t in the basic sets you’re prolly used too. But there are some rolls to get around this. 🙂

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