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Dungeon Crawl Classics

We started a new campaign a few weeks ago. We ran through the classic funnel “The Portal Under the Stars”. Everyone started with 4 characters and almost everyone lost at least one. Matt lost 3/4 of his. I bought a stamp to commemorate the death of each character. It was a hit. The characters that did make it through made it to first level. It was a great day

Stamp entitled "Official Seal of the Ministry of Death"
Cause of Death Stamp

The next session we played “Sailors on a Starless Sea” It was also designed to be a funnel, but was easy enough to run for level one characters. The most of the party made it through ok, but we did get to use the stamp again. 😀 The gang did miss some of the items due to skipping some of the encounters, but still came out ok.

I can’t wait to run them through next adventure.

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